以下所有图形全部由Stable Diffusion 使用 sdxl 1.0模型产出,没有更换模型,没有使用lora,没有垫图。为了和MJ效果对比,全部使用MJ提示词(连参数都复制过来一模一样),最终出的图,和收费的MJ相差无几。

SD固定参数:Steps: 30, Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE Karras, CFG scale: 6,  Size: 1100×1100,  Model: sd_xl_base_1.0_fixvae_fp16, Version: v1.5.1-4-gfdb05d60

缺点是 sdxl 1.0训练集是1024*1024,所以生产出来的图像如果低于1024就会出问题。但本文测试环境为dev cloud 提供的gpu服务器,不得不说一路要小心翼翼,在不断的炼丹与炸炉过程中,练出了以下1100*1100的作品若干。


提示词:women, 1940 old photography, Photo taken with Canon EOS R5, POV, photography, portrait, on the city of Manduria Puglia. Beaked lips, small Italian nose, heart-shaped oval face, thin almond-shaped eyes, makeup, clouded skin, clear hearing, carbybody. cinem

提示词:professional portrait photograph of a gorgeous Norwegian girl in winter clothing with long wavy blonde hair, freckles, beautiful symmetrical face, cute natural makeup, ((standing outside in snowy city street)), stunning modern urban upscale environment, ultra realistic, concept a

提示词:cinematic photo {a beautiful East Asian girl,portrait,profile,black background,simple background,soft light,looking at viewer,shaded face,darkness,detailed skin texture,} . 35mm photograph,realistic,high quality,highres,professional,4k,highly detailed,professional,realistic photograph,fantasy, dreaming


提示词:Product photography, perfume, flowers, on sparkling water, clean, minimalist dreamy background, rococo pastel tones, central composition, high resolution –v 5.1

提示词:Product photography of vintage coffee machine, coastal style kitchen in villa, serenity and peace, monochromatic scheme, light landscape, beach from window, ultra hd, octane rendering, ultra hd –v 5.1

提示词:Product photography of air purifier, in a minimalist style living room, beige and white, serene and calm, monochrome scheme, light-filled landscape, UHD, octane rendering, ultra HD, details –v 5.1

提示词:water with sparkling, crisp radiant reflections, sunlight gleaming, Canon 35mm lens, hyperrealistic photography, style of unsplash


提示词:3d 32-bit isometric anime ice cream stand with an old woman –v 4

提示词:A young male character 18 years old, with short black hair. ashort-sleeved skyblue Tshirt without a hat, black jeans, white sneakers, wester ncomic style, cartoon, cute, flat, full color full body front suitable for animation design


提示词:young woman with flowers, typography art –v 4

提示词:analytic drawing of a chair –v 4

提示词:Futuristic smart house mobile application user interface design ios clean, clear, airy, light, simple, front view

提示词:A ultra-realistic CG rendering of Ancient China,There is a stream, jiangnan ancient buildings on besides of thet stream,in the evening,Maple with milky leaves tree,snow scene, a moon in the sky,HD

提示词:user being inspired by the possibilities of an app, illustration for a tech company, by slack and dropbox, style of behance


提示词:Interior Design, a perspective of of a study, large windows with natural light, light colors, plants, modern furniture, modernist, modern interior design


提示词:beach during the golden hour, Canon RF 16mm f:2.8 STM Lens, hyperrealistic photography, style of unsplash and National Geographic


提示词:cute mini Lucky Bamboo plant in a pot, white background, depth of field f2.8 3.5, 50mm lens

提示词:2 fingers holding cute mini succulent in a pot, light background, depth of field f2.8, 50mm lens, tilt shift photography